Employee Social Checks

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Why check the staff?

All the marketing and payed advertising can soon become worthless when a member of staff is either making abusive comments about the company or has their own website/blog dedicated to racism or is just an online bully across the social networks. What if the local press picks up on this member of staffs online activities and decides to print a Mr Jon doe who works at Your Company has been.... 

Can we check before hiring?

Yes, but we do advise employers to ask employees to consent to social media background checks and are also notified if the reports adverse affect their chances of employment.

What do we check for ?

Different companies and organisations require different checks, we will check and report everything that is publicly available and highlight areas that our clients find could have a negative impact on the company. 

What do we do

  • Search a broad range of publicly available social media outlets
  • Match Real names to online nicknames
  • Compose reports manually checking for false positives 
  • Continue to monitor employees in near real time 

Reports are not stored by ourselves once a check has been delivered to the client we remove from our systems, the information found is never passed on to third parties or other prospective employers !




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