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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

The tool for getting across the right information to your target audience through social networking sites like Facebook Twitter and Google+, has truly arrived and is here to stay. Top search engines worldwide, like Google and Bing have already begun crawling for data from such social networking sites and are even using them for the final search ranking.

The higher number of times a particular page gets linked through the “Share” feature for various social websites, the higher the chances of a better search ranking. In fact, for the search engine Bing, the higher the number of “followers” or “friends” for a particular account or website on a social media site, the easier it is for the website to achieve a higher search ranking good social media optimization strategy has other benefits too.

Not only does it guarantee more hits on your website’s pages and more publicity and sales, but it also takes you closer to your target audience. By maintaining an active and creative online profile for your business, you also invite users and your audience to share feedback and other important information. For any business, this type of highly specific data can be a rich resource. Plus, by getting closer to your actual users through these social networking websites, you can ensure greater interest and customer loyalty through continued and quality interaction. You can also share with your audience and users the business’s plans for the future, invite recommendations and input, and solidify the customer relationship. This continual interaction can be extremely rewarding for any business.

How can Cumbria IT help you with your Social Status?

  • First thing first we need to make sure what all the social media point's to is ready , for this we would recommend a round of SEO on your website and include social integration buttons and comments allowing users to share, like + digg your web pages and products.  
  • Next Account's creation or access we will need to know what accounts you have now or create accounts fanpages for you. 

Twitter Followers

Fanpage LikesWebsite Likes
10000 Followers £500.00 1000 Likes £500.00 20000 Page likes £1400.00
Please we normally over deliver by around 10% 500 followers takes on average 2/3 days Where 20000 likes may take upto 25 days !
500 Followers £70.00 500 Likes £40.00 1000 Page likes £90.00
1000 Followers £90.00 1000 Likes £70.00 5000 Page likes £400.00
5000 Followers £250.00 5000 Likes £300.00 10000 Page likes £700.00




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