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Microsoft MSSQL 2005 Database Hosting

MSSQL Server 2005 is a comprehensive database software platform providing enterprise-class data management and integrated business intelligence (BI) tools. The SQL Server 2005 database engine provides more secure, reliable storage for a relational database format or XML. By supporting both a relational database format and XML, the SQL Server 2005 database engine provides the flexibility necessary to support the way you work. It also enables you to build and manage highly available, well perfoming database software applications that you and your people can use to take your business to the next level. The SQL Server 2005 data engine lies at the core of this enterprise data management solution. In addition to providing support for relational databases or XML, SQL Server 2005 combines the best in analysis, reporting, integration, and notification. This enables your team to build and deploy cost-effective BI solutions with which they can drive data into every corner of your business through scorecards, dashboards, Web services, and mobile devices. Close integration with Microsoft Visual Studio, the Microsoft Office System, and a suite of new development tools, including the Business Intelligence Development Studio, sets SQL Server 2005 apart. Whether you are a developer, database administrator, information worker, or decision maker, SQL Server 2005 provides innovative solutions that help you gain more value from your data—whether stored in a relational database or XML data format. Our Control Panel of choice for our MSSQL database Packages is Helm this includes handy admin tools for MSSQL including Mylittletools for online database managment :

PackageDatabase Size


Remote AccessTscriptsPrice Yearly 
MSSQL 100MB 100mb 100GB Allowed Allowed £60.00 Buy Now
MSSQL 300MB 300mb 100GB Allowed Allowed £80.00 Buy Now
MSSQL 1000MB 1000mb 100GB Allowed Allowed £130.00 Buy Now



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